10 July 2017

A First For Me

Most of you know I love all organic everything but I have never before owned or even seen…organic shoes! I was so thrilled to happen upon some on a recent trip to Spain. I found this gorgeous little shop off a cobbled street in Old Town Marbella.

Organic Espadrilles2

Why organic? A better choice both for your health and the planet. ‘Organic’ means that the cotton has not come into contact with chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. These man made toxins interrupt the natural eco systems of the planet when sprayed on crops as well as interrupting the natural processes of your body when ingested.

Surely you’re not ingesting chemicals from your shoes though?! The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs much of what is put on it. The feet actually have larger pores than anywhere else on the body which means even greater absorption into the blood stream of what they come into contact with.

The shoe brand is called Natural World and their espadrilles are made from 100% organic cotton with natural rubber soles. They are coloured with natural toxin free dye. It was tough to choose between all the gorgeous colours but I went for these white espadrilles. They cost €39.

Organic Espadrilles

Natural World also have an online store with international shipping which you can see here. This is not a sponsored post or collaboration. I just wanted to share my excitement at seeing trends moving towards items like this becoming more readily available at affordable prices. The future is natural!