01 June 2015

Irish Daily Mirror ‘Get Ireland Fit’ Campaign – Protein For Muscle Recovery

I’m talking about protein for muscle recovery and sharing a quinoa salad recipe in today’s Irish Daily Mirror for week four of the ‘Get Ireland Fit’ campaign for the Castleknock 5km taking place on June 21st in the Phoenix Park.

It’s important to compliment your training with healthy nutrient rich meals to build up your strength and stamina and help with recovery between sessions. It is during this recovery, rather than when you train, that muscles get stronger as tiny microscopic tears that occur as a normal part of training are repaired and as a result muscles are strengthened. Amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein are what carry out this rebuilding. There are nine essential amino acids, considered essential because our bodies don’t produce them so we need to get these from the food that we eat. 

Eating a protein rich meal after training is a great way to aid this process. Quinoa is considered a complete protein, meaning that it provides all nine of these essential amino acids in a balanced ratio. It is also a really versatile grain which can literally be eaten for breakfast lunch or dinner! It can be easily added into your daily diet by substituting it for rice or using it as a base for salads. This chunky red quinoa salad is simple to prepare and perfect for when you’re hungry after running as the quinoa can be prepared in advance leaving only a few minutes of prep time before eating!
Always soak quinoa before cooking or eating; for a minimum of 30 mins before cooking or up to two days, rinsing at 8 hour intervals, to eat it raw for the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes. Once soaked quinoa can be cooked just like rice. Add an organic low salt vegetable stock cube for flavour.

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