05 May 2015

Grow Your Own Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is super easy and inexpensive to grow yourself at home. You can grow it right in your kitchen, and what better way to know you are getting a high quality organic product than to grow it yourself!

What you need:

Organic or heirloom hard red winter wheat berries

A sprouting jar (or any glass jar with small holes in the lid)

2 planting trays – 1 with holes in the bottom

Organic potting mix or seed starting compost

A spray bottle

Step 1:

Soak half a cup of seeds in a sprouting jar of clean fresh water for 8 hours.

Step 2:

After 8 hours of soaking time drain and rinse the seeds. Do not refill the jar with water after. Repeat this twice at 12 hour intervals.

Step 3:

When small white roots begin to sprout out from the seeds it’s planting time! Put the organic potting mix or seed starting compost in the tray with holes in the bottom, compress this using the second tray and mist heavily with water using the spray bottle. Sprinkle the wheatgrass seeds evenly on the soil and spray again. Place the second tray on top upside down.

Step 4:

Spray your wheatgrass seeds with water twice per day.

Step 5:

After three days you can remove the top tray, but keep the grass out of direct sunlight. Continue to water it twice per day.

Step 6:

You will know it’s ready to harvest and juice when a second blade begins to grow from each seed. Harvest the full tray using a scissors or serrated knife to cut as close to the soil as you can.

After the first harvest your tray of grass will grow for a second time if you keep watering it twice a day; note that this growth will only have half the nutritional value of the first crop.

Step 7:

Juice your wheatgrass using a masticating juicer, and drink within 15 minutes.

Want to start growing at home but would like some help getting started? Please contact us to arrange a home set up appointment.