28 January 2019

The Irish Times Weekend – The best healthy holidays

We were thrilled for our retreats to be included in the Irish Times ‘The best healthy holidays’ round up this weekend.

‘How’s that New Year’s fitness regime? Here are some options to get you back on track

Burren Yoga

How’s the diet going for you? Right. And the fitness regime? Thought so.

If your New Year’s health and fitness regime has run out of puff, never fear. Sometimes all you need is the encouragement of a restorative health break, the camaraderie of a bootcamp or the enthusiasm of a fun run to get yourself back on track. Okay, maybe not the athletics track.

There are loads to choose from. Ready, set go: ‘ …

’10. Hands-on

Spring clean yourself with LifeCleanse, urban retreats in Dublin and weekend retreats by the sea at Brittas Bay. The weekend ones are a mix of yoga, mindfulness, vegan wholefood meals and beach walks – less than an hour from Dublin. It includes a hands-on demonstration of founder Maria Donlon’s LifeCleanse recipes, including how to make your own guilt-free treats and take-home tips to help you carry on the benefits of the weekend well into the future. The next beach retreat takes place 5th to 7th April, and costs €365 per person for a private room. The urban retreats are a day of yoga, mindfulness, detox and nutrition talks, plus healthy lunch, which take place in Rathmines and cost €99 per person.


Life Cleanse
Life Cleanse’


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