02 May 2018

Prosecco Pops

Impress your guests with some refreshing Prosecco Pops.

Makes 6 pops (size will vary slightly between ice pop moulds)


300mls Prosecco

200mls sparkling elderflower (I use whole earth organic sparkling elderflower)

4 organic strawberries

Wash and chop the strawberries, removing the green leaves. Pour the prosecco and elderflower into a jug. Stir to mix the flavours. Pour the procecco and elderflower into your ice pop moulds until each is half full. Add a few pieces of strawberry to each mould, then fill with the prosecco and elderflower leaving a little space at the top as they will expand when they freeze. Pop your ice pop moulds into the freezer and allow to freeze for roughly 4 hours until solid.


Remember these pops contain alcohol so enjoy them responsibly 🙂