03 November 2015

Raw Superfood Squares

These guilt free treats are strong enough to satisfy any chocolate craving and the morninga and acai pack them full of nutrients making them both delicious and nutritious! Moringa leaf powder is a true superfood with 92 nutrients including 48 antioxidants, 18 amino acids, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, omega 3,6,9 and loads of vitamins!


Half a cup raw organic cacao powder

Half a cup raw organic coconut oil

1 heaped tsp organic moringa leaf powder

2 tsp raw organic acai powder

2 tbsp raw organic honey

2 tsp organic vanilla extract

Soften the coconut oil in a small measuring jug or cup over a bowl of warm (not hot) water. Once liquid add the honey and vanilla extract. Next slowly stir in the cacao, moringa and acai. Mix well.

Pour the mix into a small rectangular baking tray or glass pyrex dish and leave to set in the fridge for 2 hours.

Tip – After 30-40 minutes use a hot knife to trace out the squares to prevent cracking once the chocolate has hardened.